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Develop your staff, achieve your goals

The Excellence Mark: Training and Development award provides a systematic and robust framework for managers to evaluate the effectiveness of professional training and development of staff within their school or college. The Mark takes into account the external pressures and time restraints that school and college leaders are placed under, with a framework that actively supports improvement in this area rather than create more barriers.

What schools are saying…

Before undertaking the Excellence Mark, our systems for evaluating CPD were adhoc, with it often seen as an ‘add-on’ rather than an integral part of our professional development provision.

The process gave us a mechanism to audit our existing practice and a template to help us evolve best practice. It also ensured that we are supporting our staff at the highest level with a system that is sustainable and intrinsic to our daily lives in school.

Having access to an expert in professional development, with an understanding of the value of CPD and the impact it can have on teaching and learning, proved to be invaluable.


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